Monday, 6 February 2017

Trust the financial guidance and advice of Stefan Terry for expats

Are you an expat in Dubai or in any other country in the Middle East? Do you feel that you need to take professional help from the expert financiala dvisor to have the best service? Well, the getting in touch with Expat Wealth care will always be the best option.
If you are interested to get more details about the company then you will need to go through the websites of these companies. The company started is in this service for nearly seven years and Stefan Terry is the prime person of this company. Stefan Terry is the chief wealth officer and he knows everything regarding scrupulous methods related to client management. He is also well knowledgeable in offshore investment.

Know why expat need support of financial planner in Dubai
The expat who lives in Dubai or in any other country in Middle East always lead a different lifestyle than rest of the world. Due to the difference in culture and lifestyle, expats here require to be very cautious in making expenses. Hence, they need to do proper investment planning so that they can save their wealth properly. So if you are also an expat here you need to take help of Financial Planner to get the best help. There are various areas for which you will need the help of agency like Expat Wealth Care. So, have the best professional help to open bank account, to have safe fund transfer, to have a proper pension plan etc.

The role of Expat Wealth Care
Are you opting for taking the help from Stefan Terry Dubai and his company? Well, then you should know well why this company has become famous. The company has become extremely famous due to its’ huge experience in all types of financial planning. The company provides the following services in all types of wealth care management.
Ø  Estate Planning: Estate planning is the vital point in Dubai. There are various areas where the experts of the agency will guide you such as transferring the asset into trust, preparation of will, helping in having the best life insurance policy to cover the issues relating to inheritance tax. So, having the best guidance from the experts of the company will always be the best option.
Ø  Retirement planning: Planning for your retirement while you are young is always necessary. Retirement planning is dependent on the rules and regulations of the residential country. Here in Dubai, separate retirement planning is followed and professionals from this reliable company will give you the best support.
Ø  Planning for education: cost of education is getting raised day by day and hence the expat in Dubai needs to plan properly for their children. Here taking help of professionals will be the best option. The experts here will guide you to select the best education plan.
Ø  Adequate Life Assurance: In financial planning, life insurance is known as the best wealth management planning. There are separate policies for life insurance in various countries. In Dubai too, you will get various policies and depending on your personal circumstances, you need to select the best one. Also, while you are opting for Life assurance policy in Dubai, you should know the following areas like  
1.      Whether the policy will ensure paying off any outstanding debt and loan
2.      Having proper fund for education of the children
3.      Family of the beneficiary can enjoy the present standard of living.  
Apart from those there are other areas such as transfer of pension, foreign exchange, savings and lump sum investments, etc where also the experienced professionals will provide the best support in Dubai.

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